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30 Ways to Make a Difference in Muslims’ Lives During Ramadan

30 Ways to Make a Difference in Muslims’ Lives During Ramadan

Ramadan, the ninth month on the Muslim calendar, is a month of fasting. This fasting is one of the Five Pillars of Islam and is considered one of the highest forms of Islamic worship.

During the 30 days of Ramadan, Muslims suppress earthly desires by abstaining from all food, liquid, tobacco and intimate relations from first light until sunset. This fasting is seen as an act of obedience and submission to Allah, as well as a means to atone for sin. Night becomes a time of feasting and socializing.

The month of Ramadan is an excellent opportunity for followers of Christ to make a difference in the lives of Muslims, both in our own neighborhoods and around the world! Below are 30 ways to learn, pray, act, give and go during Ramadan.

  1. LEARN: Download our free Islam booklet to learn more about Islam and how to share Christ with its followers.
  2. GIVE: Help equip Persian believers to share the gospel in Muslim communities and serve in the Church. 
  3. ACT: Ask a Muslim “How can I pray for you?” Many Muslims have never had anyone pray for them by name or bring their personal problems before the Lord, and as we pray for them, we can demonstrate that we worship a personal and loving God.
  4. PRAY: The nightly socializing that takes place during Ramadan gives many workers a wealth of opportunities to build relationships with Muslims. Pray for good conversations about spiritual things.
  5. LEARN: Read our tips for Sharing Christ with Your Muslim Friend.
  6. GIVE: Help Christar workers run a language school in a Muslim community, enabling them to build relationships and share the gospel with least-reached people.
  7. ACT: Practice sharing your testimony so that you’ll be able to share it with a Muslim friend.
  8. PRAY: Over 1.9 billion people worldwide are Muslims. Of them, 85 percent are members of least-reached people groups. Ask God to build His church among them.
  9. LEARN: Shared beliefs can provide common ground when building a relationship with a Muslim. Read our list of Eleven Things Both Muslims and Christians Believe.
  10. GIVE: Help equip teams of Filipino church planters for ministry in Muslim communities through a gift to the Life Resources Foundation.
  11. ACT: Invite a Muslim to join your family for a meal or an outing.
  12. PRAY: Ask God to raise up more workers to bring the gospel to the over 3,800 Muslim people groups worldwide.
  13. GO: Find out what long-term ministry among Muslims is like by serving short term alongside experienced Christar workers.
  14. LEARN: Discover how God is revealing Himself to entire families of Muslims, drawing them to faith in His Son.
  15. GIVE: Help equip Christian leaders to serve in Muslim communities in the Middle East, the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa through a gift to Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary.
  16. ACT: Visit a restaurant or other local business owned by Muslims and start to get to know those who work there.
  17. PRAY: Workers serving among Muslims sometimes minister for years before seeing the Holy Spirit draw people to Christ. Ask God to give perseverance to those who are serving faithfully but aren’t yet seeing fruit from their efforts.
  18. LEARN: Read about how to respond in truth and love to common objections that Muslims have to Christianity.
  19. GIVE: Provide refuge and counsel to Middle Eastern women and their children who are victims of abuse, and introduce them to Jesus through a gift to Haven of Hope.
  20. ACT: Write a letter or email of encouragement to a worker serving among Muslims.
  21. PRAY: Lift up Muslim-background believers, asking God to give them courage in sharing the gospel in their communities.
  22. LEARN: Read how honor and shame impact the way workers in many Muslim communities share the gospel.
  23. GIVE: Help Christar workers in the United States reach out to refugees.
  24. ACT: Telling stories from the gospels can be a helpful tool in sharing your faith with a Muslim. Practice telling a story about Jesus.
  25. PRAY: Praise God for calling believers who came to Christ from Islam to serve as church planters in Muslim communities! Ask Him to provide for their needs and use them to draw many to faith in Him.
  26. LEARN: As Afghan refugees enter our communities, God is giving the Church in the United States incredible opportunities to minister to people who've never heard the gospel. Find practical ways to reach out.
  27. GIVE: Help Muslims in France experience the love of believers and hear the gospel through a gift to Beacon Community Center.
  28. ACT: Read a book that will help you better understand Islam and its followers.
  29. GO: Take the no-obligation first step toward serving among least-reached Muslims.
  30. PRAY: Ramadan ends with the celebration of Eid-al-Fitr, when it’s traditional to offer a prayer of thanks and wear new clothes. Pray that Muslims worldwide will find new life in Christ.

Don’t stop praying for Muslims when Ramadan ends! Try these prompts for prayer all year long.

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