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Timothy Project

God is using the Timothy Project to equip Turkish believers to apply biblical truth! Through this project, a group of talented Turkish writers and graphic designers is producing interactive, culturally relevant discipleship materials. They’re guided by a multinational leadership team, including a Christar worker.

Turks are generally group-oriented and learn via discussion. Religious training, however, has traditionally been an exception: normally, a religious authority figure lectures while the followers listen in silence. Believers in Turkey were using this same method to communicate biblical truth; but it wasn’t very effective in changing lives.

The Timothy Project takes a different approach. Its groundbreaking lessons prompt groups of believers to discuss how to live out Christian truth within Turkish culture. As a result, Turkish Christians are discovering how to apply biblical truth and disciple others.

Hussein*, a Turkish believer who writes for the Timothy Project, has seen fellow believers grow when they use these lessons. He shares, “People were trying to learn more about the topic they were studying, both on the day of the lesson and later. They were changing! … The lessons keep paying off in a person’s life over time.”

Over 200 Timothy Project lessons have been written so far, including series of lessons for young adults and women’s groups. Each has the potential to change lives with the truth found in God’s Word. In 2016, the Timothy Project expanded its ministry by creating 12 television programs that introduce the project’s Bible studies, and has been invited by a two local television stations to create more programming. And, all lessons are now being formatted so that they can be accessed in numerous formats, including as e-books and through a mobile app.

Your gift to the Timothy Project could pay off in the life of a Turkish believer! As Turkish followers of Christ learn how to apply biblical truth, they’re equipped to live out their faith.

  • $20 hosts the project website server for one month  
  • $150 covers production costs of one video lesson 
  • $600 pays one month of the stipend for the local project coordinator 

Participate by Praying for the Timothy Project:

  • Praise God for using Timothy Project lessons to equip Turkish believers to study and apply the truth of the Bible.
  • Lift up the Turkish believers who write these lessons, asking God to protect them and give them skill and creativity.
  • Pray for wisdom for the Christar worker who mentors and trains writers and coaches.
  • Ask God to provide Turkish believers with the skills and time necessary to create new television programs based on Timothy Project lessons.
  • Ask God to provide the people and resources necessary so that old lessons can be reformatted for digital access.


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