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Scripture Engagement through Social Media (SESaMe)

“Do you believe that Isa Masih (Muslims’ name for Jesus Christ) died on the cross for your sins?” David* replied, “Yes… May God keep us from sins and forgive us. What difficult days and nights Isa Masih spent!”

David is one of more than 34,000 people in his Muslim homeland who have received Bible stories in their heart language from Scripture Engagement through Social Media, also known as SESaMe. Through this project, Christar workers Ned and Cindy create and send text and audio portions of Scripture content, formatted in bite-sized lessons for easy consumption. This online outreach has enabled them to share God’s Word with people in Central Asia who have severely limited access to the gospel.

In early 2022, Ned and Cindy set up a chatbot that automatically sends SESaMe content to those who are interested in reading God’s Word. This allows their audience to receive the next story or passage in sequence when it is convenient for them, and it enables Ned and Cindy to devote more time to building personal connections with those like David who are seeking the truth.

David, like many Muslims from his country, took a winding path to genuine faith. Not long after he professed his belief in Christ, he started doubting the reliability of the Bible, then fell mostly silent for several months. Finally, he responded to one of Ned’s attempts to connect with him and reaffirmed his belief in Jesus’s death, though he continues to wrestle with the cost he may have to pay to follow Christ, especially if he confesses his faith publicly.

Knowing the great risk associated with following Jesus in his country, David assumed he was the only believer in Christ in his nation. But, through Ned and Cindy, he was encouraged to learn that he’s not alone and that they’re in touch with other Christians from his homeland weekly. As Ned and Cindy interact with him and with others, they pray that many will consider following Christ worth any risk, even in a place where Christians face intense persecution.

SESaMe also enables Ned and Cindy to connect with and encourage those who have already trusted in Christ in spite of the high cost, like Brea. More than a decade ago, Brea’s husband paid the ultimate price for following Jesus by being beheaded. Since a friend introduced her to SESaMe, she’s been able to worship regularly with other believers online, giving her spiritual support she’s not able to receive in person.

This support was especially vital when Brea’s teenage sons were summoned by the local government and accused by their uncles of being apostates. The local mullah testified that they have not been attending either the mosque or the Islamic school. But God stirred believers across the world to fast and pray. Though the government declared, “These boys deserve to die,” the young men were sent home.

Since then, Brea’s relatives have continued to antagonize them, regularly throwing stones into her courtyard. She, her sister and her sons take turns each night to stay up and keep watch for the family.

The story isn’t over for David, Brea or any of the others in their homeland whom God is drawing to the gospel. Through SESaMe, they’re continually strengthened through His Word, through encouragement and discipleship, and through the prayers of believers around the world.   

Participate by Praying for Scripture Engagement through Social Media (SESaMe):

  • Pray that the death and resurrection of Jesus would not only draw people to Him but also convince seekers that Jesus is worthy to live and die for. Ask God to grant them faith in place of fear.
  • Pray that men on the journey toward belief in the gospel would share what they are learning with the women and children in their families, as most of the women in this culture have less access to social media or none at all.
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to bring to SESaMe men and women of peace, those whose hearts are good soil and will yield a hundredfold.
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit will empower SESaMe workers in developing a new outreach tool called One Story. It will chronologically tie together biblical stories to communicate God’s redemptive plan and His Kingdom. Ask God to provide voices for the recording.

Supporting the Scripture Engagement through Social Media (SESaMe):

  • $40 pays for a month of social media ads.
  • $100 pays for a month’s chatbot subscription.
  • $120 covers the cost of the project’s website domain for one year.
  • $225/month supports a national consultant to help workers create culturally relevant materials.


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