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Persian Outreach Project

Persians are coming to Christ at an unprecedented rate all around the world! However, the vast majority of these people are still least-reached.

Christar workers have been serving among Persians for decades and have been blessed to see God build His Church among them. The Persian Outreach Project exists to share Christ with Persians when they are tourists or are living outside of their home country as migrants or refugees. Workers partner with local believers to share the gospel and plant churches among these least-reached people.

Your gift to the Persian Outreach project could help a Persian hear the gospel—maybe for the first time! It could also help train Persian believers for ministry. Outreaches of this project include:

  • Distribution of SD memory cards that allow Persians to access Christian resources from any smartphone.
  • Training Persian believers to share the gospel and serve in the Church.
  • Equip believers to minister in their unique environment.
  • Forming community among least-reached Persian Deaf and sharing gospel-focused materials in Persian Sign Language.
  • Partnering with Central Asian churches to demonstrate God’s love to needy families in their communities.

Supporting the Persian Outreach Project:

  • $7 covers a travel stipend, helping a Persian believer reach out to other Persians with the word of truth.
  • $45 provides a food and fuel package for a family of persecuted believers.
  • $50 pays for facility rental for an outreach event.
  • $60 covers the cost of refreshments for an outreach event for 15 people
  • $300 buys a phone for a Central Asian ministry partner, enabling him to her to encourage and support isolated believers.

Participate by Praying for the Persian Outreach Project:

  • Ask God to use advertising on social media to draw Persians He is pursuing and connect them with believers who can share the good news.
  • Pray that training for Persian believers will equip the Church to reach out to other Persians.
  • Ask God to lead and protect Persian believers who distribute SD cards to people who are open to the good news.
  • Ask the Lord to work through continued outreach activities among Persian migrants and tourists as they visit countries where believers have greater freedom to share the gospel.
  • Pray that a new Persian church, launched in 2022, will grow and that a mature core group of believers will form.  
  • Lift up those who receive practical assistance through this project. Some are Central Asian believers fleeing potential persecution or rural believers who struggle with basic needs.
  • Ask God to soften the hearts of seekers as members of the small Central Asian church reach out to them by sharing the love of Christ. 

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