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Iraqi Refugee Outreach

The Iraqi Refugee Outreach Project supports outreach to Arabic-speaking refugees from Muslim, Yazidi, Christian and Sabean backgrounds in the United States. Through this project, Christar workers address spiritual issues while meeting tangible needs and mobilize local Christians to reach out to refugees living near them. These workers serve on church-planting teams in several locations in the U.S.

Specific Needs:

  • $5 purchases a craft kit for the Bible club, giving the children who participate a visual representation of biblical truth to take home.
  • $10 buys a pizza for the weekly after-church fellowship meal.
  • $10 pays for snacks for one Bible club class for one week. Snacks are needed for three classes.
  • $25 buys Bibles and books in Arabic and other Middle Eastern languages.
  • $50 pays for 100 miles of driving lessons for refugees who need to get a license.
  • $60 enables a group of five refugees to enjoy a meal and activity.
  • $400 allows a group of six to participate in a two-night Bible camp retreat. 

Participate by Praying for the Iraqi Refugee Outreach Project:

  • Ask God to open the hearts of refugees and immigrants as they hear the gospel through Christar workers, as well as to give workers wisdom as they seek an effective means to discern refugees' interest in spiritual things.
  • Lift up the many immigrant families facing serious internal struggles as they attempt to navigate cultural change and different paces of acclimation.
  • Pray that these refugee families would learn and implement responsible financial habits and saving strategies.
  • Ask God to use the Iraqi Refugee Outreach team to provide refugee and immigrant children and youth with the tools to withstand the onslaught of secular culture as they enter school.
  • Ask God to provide needed funds as well as enough volunteers for the Yazidi English Studies classes.
  • Ask the Lord to send students from Muslim, Yezidi and other refugee communities who are open to the gospel to the project’s English classes. Pray that these lessons will help students improve their language skills as they adapt to life in the United States. And ask God to help them understand the simple Bible stories that are shared during class and learn who Christ is.

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