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Eleven Things Both Muslims and Christians Believe

Eleven Things Both Muslims and Christians Believe

Although there are many things about which Muslims and Christians disagree, there are also a good number of things about which both faiths agree. When building a relationship with a Muslim, it’s often wise to begin talking about spiritual matters by bringing up beliefs Muslims and Christians have in common, rather than by discussing points of disagreement.

11 Things that Both Faiths Consider True:

1.   God is the creator and sustainer of the universe.
2.   God is sovereign.
3.   Judaism and Christianity and their prophets were originally given by God.
4.   The Bible was originally given by God.
5.   Jesus was born of the virgin Mary.
6.   Jesus lived a sinless life.
7.   Jesus performed many miracles.
8.   Jesus is the Messiah.
9.   Jesus ascended into heaven.
10. Jesus will return to earth.
11. Heaven and hell exist.

Once you’ve started the conversation, try these practical tips for sharing Christ with a Muslim friend!

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