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Haven of Hope

The goal of Haven of Hope (formerly called the Battered Women's Center) is to provide refuge and counsel to Middle Eastern women and their children who are victims of abuse, and to introduce nonbelievers and their families to the God of the Bible.

While planting a church in the Middle East, Christar workers saw that women in this region are often the victims of physical and sexual abuse. Women who become Christians or even express interest in the gospel are often targets of domestic violence.

In 2017, these workers opened Haven of Hope to help these ladies and their children find shelter from abusive situations and learn of Christ’s deep love for them. Staff provide not only emotional and spiritual support, but also practical help specific to each woman’s situation and rooted in the hope found in Christ alone. When a woman visits the center for the first time, she receives a New Testament in her language and hears a clear, concise presentation of the gospel. She’s also offered seminars and workshops that provide training to address practical needs.

Through Haven of Hope, workers can provide temporary shelter to women and children, and a 24-hour emergency line gives abuse victims a place to turn at any hour of the day or night. The center offers Bible seminars, as well as job and life skills seminars for women. In addition, it offers training for women in how to better handle and prevent abusive situations, as well as how to talk to their children about the violence they’ve witnessed.

Haven of Hope is also a place where local believers can learn to use their spiritual gifts to minister to those who are hurting. Workers are discipling members of local churches and equipping them to serve in the center. This opportunity both strengthens the ministry of the local body of Christ and cultivates the use of spiritual gifts among believers to build up the Church.

Amid the isolation brought about by COVID-19, domestic violence has increased, and suicide rates shot up to an all-time high. As the population wrestled with despair and economic pressure, Haven of Hope expanded its ministry to provide meals, as well as distribute clothing and comfort in the form of Scripture verses, seeking to introduce those in need to the Bread of Life.

Your gift to Haven of Hope will provide practical help and true hope to women and children who’ve suffered abuse.

Specific needs:

  • $3 provides one meal; 670 are needed.
  • $5 covers the cost of a New Testament; 170 are needed.
  • $15 provides a clothing packet; 65 packets are needed.


Participate by Praying:

  • Praise God for His provision for the poor in a Middle Eastern community through Haven of Hope.
  • Pray for protection for workers involved in this project.
  • Ask God to continue to provide many more opportunities for them to show compassion and convey the good news to those who are hurting.

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