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Telling the Truth: Responding to Common Misunderstandings in Muslim Cultures

Telling the Truth: Responding to Common Misunderstandings in Muslim Cultures

Below, a Christar worker serving among Muslims shares how to respond in truth and love to common misunderstandings about the gospel. 

Certain terms, such as “God,” “sin,” “Son of God” and “Trinity,” have very different meanings in Christianity and Islam. To a Muslim, the term “Trinity” implies that Christians worship more than one God. Likewise, in a Muslim's eyes, claims that Jesus is God’s Son blasphemously suggest a physical relationship between God and Mary.

It’s important to show that though you may use the same words, these words have different meanings. For example, ask your Muslim friend what they think “Son of God” means. Then assure them that this term has nothing to do with a relationship between God and Mary. Read Hebrews 1:1-3 and show that Scripture identifies the Son as the true revelation of God’s nature, the perfect representation of His glory.

Changing the nature of a question can also open the door to understanding. For example, you can help your friend recognize that the oneness of God isn’t contradicted by God’s Trinitarian revelation of Himself with this illustration. Hold a book so your friend can only see the spine, and ask what they see. He or she might respond, “a line.” If you turn the book to show only the cover, they might answer, “a rectangle.” When you hold the book so its length, width and depth are all visible, their perception will change again. The book didn’t change, but their perspective did. We must submit our understanding of the oneness of God to the ways He has made Himself known from the beginning through His Word.

Our Lord progressively revealed Himself to His disciples. We shouldn’t expect our Muslim friends to grasp the truth about Jesus in a short time. God gives understanding as they’re exposed to His Word and experience His love through us.


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