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Seeking the Light

Hindu.” The word brings a myriad of images to mind: sages meditating in Himalayan mountain retreats, sacred cows lying in crowded streets, devotees bathing in the Ganges River, women with red dots on their foreheads wearing brightly colored saris. From the urban intellectuals of New Delhi, to the slum dwellers of Kolkata, to the business professionals living in Europe and North America, more than a billion Hindus—more than 15% of the world’s population—need the hope of Christ.

Hinduism is the primary religion of over 2,700 people groups, and nearly 2,500 of those groups are considered least-reached. Fewer than one in 10 Hindus has the opportunity to hear the gospel preached in their own language and culture in the context of a local church.

Christ-Honoring Transformation

Christar is driven by a passion to establish churches among the least-reached: those who do not have access to a church in their own language, culture or in proximity to where they live. We trust the Lord to work through us as we send teams to cultivate Christ-honoring transformation in Hindu communities throughout the world where He is not yet known or worshiped.

A Heritage of Ministry Among Hindus

Growing from our roots as the India Mission, which was founded in 1930, teams of Christar workers share the love of God in Hindu communities through a wide variety of skills and occupations. We rejoice in the ways He has used our workers as they seek to establish reproducing churches and cultivate Christ-honoring transformation among Hindus throughout the world.

Today, our workers use a wide variety of skills and occupations to cultivate Christ-honoring transformation in Hindu communities, and we rejoice in the spiritual fruit that God has been producing through our efforts. Our prayer is that God would bring more Hindus to Himself, and that He would give believers around the world a desire to reach Hindus for Christ.


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