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Great Commission Resources

Tools to Help You Participate in God’s Global Purposes
What can we as parents do to love our children well as they begin a new journey of faith serving overseas?
Every believer is called to be part of bringing the gospel to the least-reached. What are your roles in the Great Commission?
Staying in touch is one the most meaningful things we can do to support cross-cultural workers. Try these practical tips for connecting.
If your parents object to you pursuing missions, don’t jump straight to the defensive. Try these tips for addressing common concerns with respect.
Prayer is the primary catalyst that God uses to enact change—in us, in our congregations and to the ends of the earth!
Every church—and every single believer—has a part to play in heeding Christ’s call to make disciples among the least-reached.
The Body of Christ plays a vital, multifaceted role in the ministry and well-being of cross-cultural workers.
What if you embraced your sending church as a source of support and care, both as you prepare to go and once you arrive on the field?
Supporting cross-cultural workers entails sharing in their struggles and sorrows as well as their joys.
You don’t have to travel the world with your kids to help them develop a love for cultures beyond your own.