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CHL Women's Bible School

Over 95 percent of the population of South Asia doesn’t have access to a church that preaches the gospel in their language and worships in a culturally relevant way. Very few of the region’s population know Jesus, and far fewer are equipped to minister among the least-reached.

The CHL Women’s Bible School prepares South Asian Christian women to serve in this least-reached region. Established in 1948 by a worker serving with the India Mission (now Christar), this school trains young women in the Bible, equipping them to minister effectively as the Lord leads in their churches, homes and communities. Its two-year residential program includes classes on subjects including theology and doctrine, personal Bible study, discipleship and evangelism. In addition to biblical education, students are also trained in personal discipline, tailoring and gardening, and have the option to learn computer skills.

Through this program, students are equipped with knowledge and skills for effective ministry. Most graduates are instrumental in serving women and children in their churches. In addition, some marry pastors and minister alongside their husbands; many churches have been planted through such couples.

Most of these young women come from impoverished backgrounds, and the school charges them just a small monthly fee: only 10% of the actual cost of boarding and tuition. This enables many such women, who would not otherwise have had the opportunity to be trained for ministry, to be equipped to serve God in one of the least-reached regions of the world.

In addition to preparing women for ministry, the school also offers tailoring and computer classes to the local community, providing opportunities to share God’s love in tangible ways.

Specific needs:

  • $60 allows the school to purchase a lamb that can be raised and later sold for profit, providing income for the school.
  • $75 pays staff salaries for one week.
  • $100 covers the cost of a sewing machine, which is given to each student upon graduation.
  • $200 pays for utilities and maintenance for one month.
  • $300 repairs part of the roof of a historic bungalow.
  • $450 provides new books for the next generation of South Asian workers, as well as a metal bookcase with glass doors to protect the books from the high humidity. Two such gifts are needed.
  • $1,500 rebuilds the bungalow compound wall.
  • $1,500 replaces the doors and screening of the back and front verandas of the bungalow.

Pray for the CHL Women’s Bible School:

  • Praise God that South Asian Christian women are receiving ministry training through the CHL Women’s Bible School.
  • Ask God to work through these women for His glory as they use what they learn through this training to serve Him and seek to understand His perfect will for their lives.
  • Ask the Lord to open new avenues for graduates through which they can use what they have learned to expand His Kingdom.
  • Ask God to provide a skilled teacher who can manage the computer institute well and who will have wisdom about how to best meet the needs of the community.
  • Pray that many people from the community will sign up for the computer classes. Ask that they will apply the skills they learn, helping them gain confidence and be gainfully employed.

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