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Clearing the Path Scholarship Project

A significant number of students who want to serve God cross-culturally are held back by debt. On average, students who receive a bachelor’s degree graduate with over $30,000 of student loans they must repay. For students pursing long-term service in least-reached communities, paying off this debt can be a nearly insurmountable obstacle. It can delay their arrival on the field or keep them from getting there at all—preventing those who still wait to learn of the good news of Christ from being introduced to Him.

The Christar Mobilization Center U.S. desires to help clear the path for new workers so those who want to serve God among the least-reached can arrive on the field and begin ministry. It’s seeking to raise $50,000 to help to offset the cost of schooling through subsidized internships and focused scholarships for those preparing to serve among the least-reached.

Your gift to the Clearing the Path Scholarship Project will help more workers reach the field so they can share the hope of the gospel in places where it isn’t yet known.

Participate by Praying for the Clearing the Path Scholarship Project:

  • Ask God to provide the funds needed to provide scholarships that prevent those who want to serve among the least-reached from being hindered by debt.
  • Ask God to continue to call students to make Him known in least-reached communities.

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