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As God creates access, here are tools to help you participate.
Food is a catalyst for connection. But what if eating the dishes over which relationships are built could make you sick or send you to the hospital?
God uses many forms of education—formal and informal—to equip His people to serve. There’s not one “right” path to follow.
What if you want to serve cross-culturally but your church doesn't share your heart for the nations?
Misconceptions sometimes paint extroverts as better suited for cross-cultural ministry. But introverts bring unique skills that are vital to missions.
If your parents object to you pursuing missions, don’t jump straight to the defensive. Try these tips for addressing common concerns with respect.
What if your parents don't support your plans for cross-cultural ministry? Start with a foundation of respect and gratitude.
More than half of college graduates come out with student loans. But debt doesn't have to deter them from serving among the least-reached!
We're all familiar with the typical missions passages in the New Testament. But when was the last time we deeply engaged them with our hearts?
Yes, training can be hard. It can take a long time. But it’s worth the cost because Jesus is worthy of our best.
You can only be sent from a body to which you belong. And belonging is central to what it means to be sent to the field by a local church.