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God creates access. We participate. Here are our stories.
How Switchboard volunteers use their gifts and experience to participate in what God is doing across the world.
Robert* shares how he discovered that God had been working through him and his wife, decades after they left South Asia.
Danyal* delved deep into Islam, seeking meaning in life. He never expected who would change his life instead.
Any one of the challenges Paul and Shelley faced could have been enough to end their ministry in South Asia. But God provided a catalyst of hope.
Amid the devastation caused by the February 2023 earthquakes, Selin and Adem testify, "What we could not do in 22 years, God did within four months!"
You may have heard that when it comes to missions, “You’re either a goer or a sender.” But what if that’s not true?
As a group of 20-plus volunteers among refugees has seen, God can use every believer's story as a pathway of grace.
God uses us to carry others to Him so they can experience His goodness. And when we do, what would otherwise be a burden becomes a blessing.
Mental health challenges don’t mean exclusion from the Great Commission! Leora shares how God has used her as she’s dealt with a mental illness.
Where Solomon* lives, converting to Christianity is a capital offense. He's been held captive, interrogated and beaten. But he's remained faithful.