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Resources for Outreach Among Afghan Refugees

Resources for Outreach Among Afghan Refugees

As you seek to reach out to Afghan refugees, having some knowledge of these people’s beliefs, practices and needs can help you minister more effectively. The collection of resources below is designed to provide practical tools and greater understanding that equip you to serve among the least-reached people God is bringing to your community.

Christar Resources

Christar has published a number of guides that may be valuable to you as you endeavor to meaningfully pray for and serve Afghan refugees. In addition to the pieces listed below, explore the resources section of this website to learn more about Muslims and refugees.

  • Connection Points: Tips for ministering to least-reached Afghans who are arriving in the U.S.
  • Welcoming Afghan Refugees: Christar workers serving among Afghans answer questions and provide insights for effective ministry.
  • Refugee Booklet: Learn what God's Word says about refugees and be equipped to share the hope of Christ.
  • Islam Booklet: Get an introduction to Islamic beliefs and practices, as well as practical tips for sharing Jesus with your Muslim neighbors.

Afghan-Language Resources

As you build relationships with Afghans in your community, it can be helpful to know where to find solid biblical resources published in their heart languages. Most Afghans coming to the United States speak Dari (a Persian dialect) or Pashto (which encompasses several dialects, including Nangarhari and Kandahari), the two official languages of Afghanistan. In addition, a minority speak Hazaragi, which is similar to Dari.

Multimedia resources:
Online Bibles and Bible study apps:

Dictionary and Language-Learning Websites and Apps

Other Media Resources

  • Hope4Afghans contains a collection of articles available in English, Dari and Pashto that seek to provide hope and encouragement from a biblical perspective.
  • Pamir Ministries, a media-ministry focused on reaching Afghans everywhere, offers media in both Dari and Pashto.
  • The Afghan Media Centre offers Bibles and other Christian books for sale in Dari and Pashto, as well as other resources.
  • Pashto Radio provides 24/7 Christian audio broadcasts in Pashto; Afghan Radio offers the same in Dari.
  • Pashto TV provides Christian video and television programs in Pashto; Afghan TV does the same in Dari.

Resources for Sharing the Good News Through Teaching English

Apologetics Resources in English

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