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Learn the latest about God's work through the Deaf Initiative, a project of Christar!

Quarter 2, 2022: Opportunity to Reach the Displaced Deaf

When people are displaced from their homes—whether due to persecution, economic pressure or war—they face immense losses and hardships. And those who are Deaf often face even greater challenges than those who can hear. In war-torn areas they especially suffer, both educationally and economically. And, as they relocate, they struggle to fit in with their host cultures and understand local languages. They often feel isolated, if not marginalized. Often, the displaced Deaf attach to new identities and communities; in some instances, they learn a new sign language.

As these Deaf individuals search for a place to belong, Christians have an incredible open door to help them find their home in Christ. As they migrate and seek connection, believers in Christ have a prime opportunity to invite them into a Deaf church community and reach them with the gospel!

Please pray with us for the displaced Deaf around the world! May God raise up believers to minister to them in their isolation and trauma and to bring healing to them in Christ’s name.

The Story So Far: How God Led Christar to Working with the Deaf

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Bringing the good news of Jesus to Deaf living amid least-reached communities is a monumental undertaking. But God is even bigger than this task!
Organizations reaching the Deaf should not be silos, whether they are Deaf- or hearing-led. Christar looks to partner with existing ministries!
As the Deaf Initiative is starting to take shape, we are praying for a big request: We are asking God to raise up Deaf workers for the Deaf Harvest.
The gospel produces in us steadfast service stemming from the blessings we have in Jesus, compelling us to share the gifts we have received.
You prayed for the Deaf Initiative, and God has been pleased to begin bringing answers to those prayers!
For several years Daniel and Larissa* have wanted to work among the Deaf. Now, thanks to a recent vision trip, they see how God can use them!
For several years, Daniel and Larissa* have wanted to work with the Deaf. But opportunities to do so were hard to come by.
Hear more about how God is leading Olivia* to work among the least-reached Deaf through Christar!
Praise God that He is bringing people who desire to serve among the least-reached Deaf to partner with us in our Deaf Initiative!
While some may see Deafness as a limitation, there are creative ways to reach the Deaf!
We delight in our God who hears and answers, and we rejoice in His gracious provision for our particular needs!
A little bit more of Faith's story and heart for the Deaf.
Faith, Coordinator of the Christar Deaf Initiative, shares her story and explains the importance of reaching out specifically to the Deaf.
We're thrilled to share a huge answer to one of the requests we have been bringing before the Lord regarding our Deaf Initiative project.
Steve Coffey, Christar U.S. Director, provides an update on where we are in the process of reaching least-reached Deaf worldwide.
As we seek to reach the Deaf, we need others who, like the BLESS Foundation, are willing to fulfill the role to which God is calling them.
God is raising up workers uniquely equipped to communicate the good news among the least-reached Deaf: Deaf believers!
As we seek to overcome the hurdles that prevent the Deaf from gaining access to the gospel, we deeply need the prayers and support of the Church.
God works sovereignly to intersect people and places to accomplish His purposes--like reaching the Deaf with the gospel.
It started with a weekly prayer meeting. Now, several years down the road, we rejoice that Christar workers are serving among the Deaf!
We’ve seen God’s hand at work in countless ways over the past year. Here are just a few of the things we praise Him for in 2017.
Misconceptions can hinder Deaf believers from taking leadership roles in their churches. But, God can break through these obstacles.

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