8 Ways to Pray for the Least-Reached in the United States

According to the Joshua Project, over 10 million people in the U.S. are least-reached, and this number is growing!

Help Lift them Up in Prayer

  1. Praise God for bringing least-reached people to a country where believers can freely share the gospel with them.
  2. Ask God to bring individuals to Christ from all 78 least-reached people groups in the United States.
  3. Pray for wisdom for Christar workers seeking to establish churches among least-reached people in the United States as they seek to share the gospel in culturally relevant ways.
  4. Ask God to give least-reached people in the United States a hunger for the hope that Jesus offers.
  5. Pray that least-reached people in the U.S. will see that faith in Christ isn’t merely a Western religion.
  6. Pray that the international students who have not yet heard the gospel will hear it and understand it before their time as students comes to an end.
  7. Pray the immigrants and refugees who come to Christ while in the United States will share the gospel with friends and family.
  8. Ask God to raise up more believers to share the gospel with the least-reached people in their neighborhoods.

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