The Málaga Valley Initiative

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One of the primary challenges in bringing the good news to people who have never been introduced to the hope of Christ is that many of these people live in areas where “missionaries” cannot go. Sometimes, God moves least-reached peoples into regions where they can hear the gospel. Other times, He places His followers in communities that aren’t reached with the good news, enabling them to serve through creative means. And, at times, He does both.

While many least-reached communities are closed to evangelism, professionals are often welcomed into the workforce in these places, giving Christians an incredible opportunity to communicate the treasure of the gospel. In addition, the refugee crisis has flung open a door for believers to reach many who might never have heard the message of Christ in their homelands.

In Málaga, Spain, these two opportunities have converged. There, Christar is introducing the next generation of Christian workers to marketplace ministry among the least-reached people God is bringing to its shores.

A Divine Convergence

Through the Málaga Valley Initiative, Christar is connecting Christian college students with open doors to minister to least-reached people. Students gain firsthand experience in how God could use their careers for His purposes among those who haven’t yet been introduced to the gospel. Those taking part in this program participate in short-term opportunities in Málaga designed to give them a taste of how they could serve in marketplace ministry, as well minister to the rapidly growing refugee population.

The refugee road out of the Middle East and Northern Africa has begun to shift, leading even more refugees to resettle in Spain—particularly in Málaga Province. Many come from nations where the majority of the population has little or no access to a church that preaches the gospel in their language and in a culturally relevant way. This is a monumental open door for ministry! Participants in the Málaga Valley Initiative are able to use their skills and experience to serve the refugee community and contribute to church-planting efforts among them.

Introducing Students to Marketplace Ministry

Through its partnership with Liberty University in the G5 Project, Christar is giving students a firsthand understanding that their careers are pathways with eternal ramifications, ones through which they can participate in ministry among the least-reached—often in places that cannot be reached using a traditional missionary model. Each academic year Liberty adopts a country with the goal of engaging students in influencing numerous sectors of society by living out the fruits of the Spirit. For the 2018-19 academic year, Liberty has chosen to adopt Spain as its destination and partner with Christar as its host agency.

Using strategic exposure trips, internships and study abroad opportunities, Christar is enabling these students to discover how God can use their gifts and skills to cultivate Christ-honoring transformation in least-reached communities. This understanding increases the likelihood that students will pursue marketplace ministry long term after graduation.

This project is a rare opportunity to invest in the next generation of followers of Christ for the sake of the least-reached! By God’s grace, many students will pursue roles that allow them to participate in ministry that will help bring the gospel to thousands of people who’ve never heard in places where “missionaries” cannot go—in Málaga and beyond.

Your gift toward the Málaga Valley Initiative will be placed in Christar’s Relief and Refugees Fund, and will provide resources that will enable interns to minister to displaced people in Spain, as well as discover how God could use their gifts and skills in roles in marketplace ministry.

Pray for the Málaga Valley Initiative

  • Praise God for opening doors for professionals to be involved in ministry to the least-reached through their careers.
  • Ask God to use interns to cultivate Christ-honoring transformation in the companies in which they serve and in the refugee community in the Málaga Valley.
  • Pray that many students who complete internships will pursue long-term roles in marketplace ministry.

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