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Middle East Relief

Middle East Relief

God at Work Through Our Donors’ Gifts!

The refugee crisis in the Middle East has opened a huge opportunity for ministry—and God’s people have responded! Since fall 2014, our donors have given over $200,000 to the Christar Middle East Relief Project .

These gifts have enabled Christar workers to partner with churches in the Middle East to meet the immediate needs of refugees—and to share the hope of Christ in the process! Many of the believers in these Middle Eastern fellowships were already giving of themselves and their resources to reach out. The funds raised through this project have allowed them to give aid beyond what they could provide on their own.

Sharing God’s Love Through Aid

One group of believers gave up space in their church to provide shelter for 16 refugee families—62 people in all! They purchased mobile restrooms and set up a kitchen where refugees can cook for their families. And, through the funds raised through the Middle East Relief Project, they’ve been able to provide daily food as well as blankets, medicine and hygiene supplies.

Many of the refugees receiving this aid have begun attending programs at the church, and they’re full of questions about the truth they hear there. Mehmet*, the pastor of this church, shares,

Many biblical and spiritual truths have started blooming for them. They are astonished that we refuse their thanks. [Instead] we direct their eyes to the Lord Jesus Christ and tell them, “God has created us in this place to serve you. We are only the servants of the Lord, and what we do, we do it to glorify the name of our Lord Jesus.”

The fact is that this is an opportunity to tell them … about the love of Christ.

Families Turning to Christ

Though Sayid was a believer, he wasn’t walking with the Lord, and his wife and four children hadn’t accepted Christ. With the help of Christar, believers from Mehmet’s church were able to offer them a safe place to stay, provide them with food and other aid, and share about Jesus.

God used the service of these believers to draw Sayid’s entire family to faith. Sayid turned back to the Lord, and his wife and children all trusted in Christ. Today they’re committed not only to the Lord, but to the church that reached out to them.

Blessing Churches, Too

Local pastors continue to tell us how the Middle East Relief Project blesses their congregations as they are able to reach out to refugees. One shares, “I want you to know your efforts in ministering to those in need has not gone unnoticed by our Lord and Savior. Your sacrificial giving is not only a witness to the refugees, but also to the faithful few in this region.”

Participate by Praying:

  • Praise God for drawing refugees to faith as Christar workers and local believers demonstrate His love.
  • Ask God to continue to provide the funds needed so that Middle Eastern churches can continue to reach out to refugees by providing aid.
  • Pray that many more refugees will find true hope in Christ.

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