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An Invitation to Collaboration: Construction Phase 2

Complete phase 2 of construction, including plumbing, electrical work and interior finishing to extend gospel access and hospitality in a South Asian community!

The Barnabas Building

Building Gospel-Centric Community
In 2017 workers bought land in a rural South Asian community with a God-sized vision for transformational ministry—and ultimately for a thriving church to be established. The Barnabas Building represents a concrete commitment to invest in long-term relationships in this close-knit community. Construction began in 2021 and has provided jobs with fair pay and an environment where each employee is treated with dignity and respect.

When complete, the Barnabas Building will provide a spacious hub for hospitality, ministry and connection, housing a community library, café and dedicated space for ESL classes and training in areas such as agriculture, leadership, parenting and business, as well as living space for workers. And, by God’s grace, as the good news is rooted in hearts throughout the community, it will host this people group’s first worship gatherings for the church He is building.

Learn More About the Barnabas Building

In a community with no known followers of Jesus, Christar workers are building the setting for multifaceted ministry. As these workers began building relationships in a village in South Asia with no believers, they sensed God leading them to establish a more intentional presence among these least-reached people. In 2017 they purchased a small piece of land and began to grow vegetables and raise livestock, enabling them to interact in the community daily and build relationships through farming.

In 2019 a gift from these workers’ sending church enabled them to buy additional land and expand their outreach in the community. They began raising more livestock and mentoring young people, as well as using their property to host events for people in the village. By God’s grace, this land has enabled these workers to establish deeper relationships, and the people of the community have welcomed these workers as their own. 

Now, these workers are constructing the multipurpose Barnabas Building to give them increased opportunities to build connections, meet practical needs and build the Body of Christ where it doesn’t yet exist. This three-story structure will serve as a site for worship gatherings as well as for ESL classes and practical training in areas such as agriculture, leadership, parenting and business. It will also house farm equipment, include a library and café, and provide a permanent residence for workers.

The ultimate goal of the Barnabas Building is to see people in the community come to Christ, be discipled and reach out to the neighboring villages. Your gift will help workers construct this hub for ministry and bring the transformative power of the gospel to a place where no one yet knows the hope of Christ.

Specific Need:

  • $250,000 to complete phase 2 of construction

Participate By Praying:

  • Ask God to grant workers favor from the local community during the construction process and to protect them from accidents as they labor.
  • Pray for wisdom and discernment for the project manager as he seeks to reflect Christ in his interactions with the contractor and laborers, and that God would give these men a hunger for the true and living God.
  • Ask the Lord to work in the hearts of people in area villages, opening their eyes to the truth. Especially pray for a family that has faced numerous tragedies, asking that they will question their beliefs and superstitions, as well as the rituals they faithfully maintain.
  • Ask God to bring at least two men and two women from the local people group to faith in Christ within two years.

Give to the Barnabas Building