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A Review of Gratitude

A Review of Gratitude

Four Reasons We’ve Given Thanks in 2019

Throughout 2019, we’ve had many reasons to thank the Lord! Below are four things for which we’re particularly grateful as we reflect on the past year and the ways we’ve seen God work in least-reached communities and in us.

1. Least-Reached People Who’ve Embraced the Gospel Despite the Obstacles

Numerous obstacles often prevent least-reached people from accepting the good news of Jesus. They have few opportunities to hear the message of Christ presented in their language and in a culturally relevant way. Those who are introduced to the gospel must lay aside the beliefs and teachings to which they’ve held their entire lives in order to consider this message of hope. And, those who are drawn to our Savoir frequently face massive pressure from their families and communities to reject Him.

Yet, by God’s mercy and grace, some believe. And in His goodness, He allows us to be a small part of His ongoing work to bring the least-reached into His family.

In 2019, we clearly witnessed the power of our Lord in drawing people to faith in His Son. In some cases, we were blessed to see Him answer years—or even decades—of prayer as He softened hearts. In others, we rejoiced as we watched new believers stand strong in their faith no matter the cost. In every instance, it was clear that God was at work, enabling least-reached people to trust Him in spite of the obstacles.

2. Grace in the Face of Loss

This past year a number of our workers have been denied the visas they need to continue to live and minister in least-reached communities. Others have dealt with illnesses that have made ministry a challenge or taken them away from the communities they long to serve. Still others have seen their arrival on the field delayed as roadblock after roadblock arose in their path to the field.

Without fail, our Heavenly Father has poured out His grace in the midst of disappointment and grief. In His faithfulness, He’s worked through loss to lead workers to new chapters of ministry and used detours to bring them to communities where He’s preparing hearts to hear the gospel. We praise Him for His sovereignty!

3. Opportunities to Connect Students to Marketplace Ministry

Through its partnership with Liberty University in the G5 Project for the 2018-19 academic year, Christar had a unique opportunity to connect Christian college students with open doors to minister to least-reached people. As 140 students and staff participated in strategic exposure trips, internships and study abroad opportunities in Málaga, Spain, they gained a firsthand understanding of how God can use their careers to help bring the gospel to least-reached people.

By God’s grace, many who participated in G5 trips will pursue roles that will help bring the gospel to thousands of people who’ve never heard in places where “missionaries” cannot go—in Málaga and beyond. A number have already expressed interest in serving among refugees, and we look forward to the ongoing impact this project will have in the lives of students and the people they will serve through marketplace ministry.

4. Our Prayer and Financial Partners

God has blessed each of our workers with a team of churches and individuals who stand behind them through prayer and giving. Together these teams comprise many thousands of supporters who participate in ministry among the least-reached by sacrificing their time, energy and resources so that these workers can cultivate Christ-honoring transformation in places where few know Him.

These prayer and financial partners are true gifts from the Lord! He’s blessed their faithfulness, answering countless prayers and multiplying their donations for His glory. We praise God for working through the Body of Christ to bring eternal hope to people of every nation.

Participate by Praying:

  • Praise God for all who embraced the gospel in spite of the obstacles in 2019.
  • Ask the Lord to continue to guide and encourage workers facing disappointment and loss.
  • Pray that many students who participated in G5 trips will pursue careers that help bring the hope of Christ to least-reached communities.
  • Thank God for all who stand behind Christar workers through prayer and giving.

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