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A Business That Brings Light

A Business That Brings Light

A unique gift is waiting for Persian immigrants, refugees and tourists who come to one of four Christmas outreaches held by a fellowship of Persian believers. Each will receive a hand-crafted candle, made by a refugee named Shahin.

Shahin* first encountered followers of Christ in his home country, while playing in a local orchestra. Some of his fellow musicians were believers, and he was struck by their kindness and the fact that they always spoke the truth.

The compassion of these believers stuck with Shahin after he fled his homeland and became a refugee. When he spotted two New Testaments on the street in his Middle Eastern host country, he picked them up and began to read.

Eventually, Shahin’s entire family trusted in Christ.  ghijklmnd

Eventually, Shahin’s entire family trusted in Christ. When they sought out a church, several local Persian business owners pointed him toward a fellowship planted by Christar workers. There, he, his wife, his two children and his granddaughter were baptized, and Shahin is able to use his musical abilities in ministry. In addition to playing on the worship team, he’s written several songs that the church sings together.

Like many refugees, Shahin worked in a job that required heavy labor, a position that became increasingly difficult as he got older. Most of the jobs available to refugees in the Middle East involve hard work for minimal pay, and many of the displaced struggle to meet their families’ needs.

When Shahin was hospitalized for a month with a serious illness, Christar worker Frank was afraid that eventually, the hard work Shahin did day after day would take an even more serious toll on him—and in turn, on his family. So Frank and his team are giving Shahin the opportunity to work a less taxing job and contribute further to the outreach of his church.

In addition to being a skilled musician, Shahin is a gifted artist. With help from Frank and his teammates, he’s starting a candle-making business. Through donations to the Persian Outreach Project, the team was able to provide him with startup funds that have enabled him to get his business off the ground. As a result, Shahin has already been able to quit his labor-intensive job and is able to support his wife and son. And he’s much happier putting his creativity to use.

He’s also glad that the candles he’s creating will be used as part of his church’s Christmas outreaches to Persians living in area as refugees, immigrants and tourists. The fellowship is purchasing several hundred of these candles, shaped like angels, to give away to the least-reached people who attend. Through the glow of his handiwork, Shahin will help spread the light of Christ among people who haven’t heard the gospel yet.

Participate by Praying:

  • Lift up believing refugees like Shahin, praying that other refugees will see Jesus through them.
  • Pray that the Persians who attend Christmas outreaches and receive one of Shahin’s candles will come to know the light of Christ.
  • Ask God to provide the funds and resources needed so that Christar workers can help more refugees start small businesses.

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