Stories from the Field

Behind the Headlines: Windows for Ministry Among Least-Reached People

Imagine being asked what the Bible says by someone you barely know—in a Muslim community in the Middle East. That’s just what happened to two Christar workers, Jessica* and Cassie.

A few months earlier, Jessica and Cassie had befriended Hana, the barista at their local coffee shop. When they visited the coffee shop again, Hana sat down next to them asked them two questions that blew them away: “How often do you read the Bible? What does the Bible say?”

God had flung the door wide open for Jessica and Cassie to share the truth! They excitedly began to tell Hana about the good news found in God’s Word. A few days later, Hana joyfully accepted a Bible in her own language.

Open hearts behind the headlines

Behind the headlines of unrest around the globe, God is drawing least-reached people like Hana to Himself! Christar workers in several areas report that God is using political, economic and social chaos to open the hearts of least-reached people. They’re not only willing to hear the gospel, they’re actively seeking the truth! And, Christar workers are in unique positions to bring the light of Christ in the midst of turmoil, tragedy and terror.

We praise God for working in the lives of people caught in the places that fill the headlines! We also praise Him for those who pray and give so that Christar workers can serve in areas where He is opening hearts. Thanks to these partners, least-reached people in some of the most troubled areas of the world are hearing the gospel and placing their faith in Christ.

How can I get involved?


  • Pray that Hana will read the Bible she received, and that God will use His word in her life.
  • Praise God for working through chaos to open windows for ministry among people who’ve never heard the gospel.
  • Ask God to continue to use political, economic and social unrest to draw least-reached people to faith in Christ.
  • Pray for wisdom for Christar workers serving in areas of growing danger.


  • Christar ministries located in the most dangerous areas are often those with the greatest funding needs! Give to the Opportunity Behind the Headlines Fund to enable Christar workers to serve in places where the windows for sharing the gospel are opening wide.