ABC Health Foundation

The ABC Health Foundation uses medical care to meet both physical and spiritual needs in Albania. Established in 1994, the ABC practices and teaches excellence in health care, while imparting a biblical worldview. Christar workers desire to see Christ-honoring transformation happen in communities across Albania as godly medical providers live out His love.

God is using these medical programs not only to equip health care workers, but to also bring about spiritual fruit! For example, when an ABC community health nurse and an intern visited a patient with cancer, they noticed the many religious symbols hanging on the walls of his home. As they cared for his wounds, they were able to share with him and his daughter that salvation is found only in Christ, not in the rituals and rules. Before they left, the daughter declared that she wanted a relationship with Jesus.

The ministries of ABC Health Foundation include:

Primary Health Care:

  • Medical care for the entire family at the ABC Family Health Center, a model family medicine health care center.
  • Lab services.
  • Physiotherapy.

Medical Education:

  • Internships in family practice and nursing, with a focus on the basics of primary care and ethical/moral values in medicine.
  • Training programs for final-year medical students.
  • Training for professionals and students in areas such as wound care and catheterization.

Community Health:

  • Home visits by community health nurses.
  • Health education programs in areas such as CPR, first aid and healthy eating.

Pray for the ABC Health Foundation:

  • Ask God to continue to open doors for the ABC to bring eternal hope to many in Albania as they provide medical education and care.
  • Praise God for the thousands of Albanians who’ve heard biblical truth through ABC’s community health outreach.
  • Pray that those who’ve interacted with the community health nurses will want to know more about the God they serve.
  • Pray that ABC will effectively equip medical students to provide compassionate, whole-person care.
  • Pray that medical students will be drawn to Christ, and that those who already believe will be equipped to share their faith through their profession.

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