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Together to Thrive

Ministry in least-reached communities is hard. Workers serving where the gospel hasn’t yet taken hold routinely face roadblocks and opposition, and many live with the daily risks of proclaiming the good news where this message is unwelcome. Frequent transitions and finding routine in an unfamiliar culture and language add an extra layer of challenge to everyday tasks. Progress can be slow—sometimes invisible—and discouragement can easily become a constant companion.

Still, God uses His people to build His Church! The Christar Mobilization Center U.S. (CMCUS) Member Care team provides resources, encouragement and support to help workers engage these challenges. They invest heart and skill to help workers serve to the best of their ability, remain in difficult places and, ultimately, see least-reached people know and worship Jesus.

At every stage of service with Christar, the Member Care team nurtures Christar workers’ physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual well-being so they and their families can thrive in ministry and relationships. From application to retirement, this team comes alongside workers with preventative soul care practices and helps them address needs on the field. Member Care staff also walk with workers through the significant and frequent changes that typically go hand in hand with cross-cultural ministry.

During home assignments, workers can attend a RENEW debriefing retreat hosted by the Member Care team, which provides a focused time for soul care. Five days of intentional respite enable workers to process their most recent term on the field, grieve in healthy ways and be refreshed, heard and encouraged.

Your generosity can help cross-cultural workers endure and thrive in difficult places.

Specific Need:

$315 provides a one-week RENEW debriefing retreat for one worker.

Participate by Praying:

  • Lift up cross-cultural workers, who often face great challenges and discouragement. Ask God to meet them where they are, in part through the encouragement and support of the Member Care team.
  • Pray that through RENEW retreats at the CMCUS, workers on home assignment will be refreshed and equipped and that they would experience God’s love through Christar staff.
  • Ask that the Member Care team would effectively provide support, resources and understanding to each one of the workers in whom they invest, both while they’re on the field and during home assignments.

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