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Anatolian Christian Community

Anatolia can be split into two parts, one with a significant church presence and one where few churches exist. The majority of the estimated 140 national evangelical fellowships in the region are located in the three largest cities and the surrounding areas. But throughout the rest of the region, churches are scarce, and the people who live there have little or no access to the gospel.

For years, cross-cultural workers have attempted to plant churches in this least-reached region. But none have proven successful in establishing a permanent Christian presence, making the area one of the most spiritually resistant regions on earth. Experience has shown that without the involvement of local believers, any effort to establish lasting fellowships in this area will likely fail.

Over the course of nearly a quarter century, the Lord used Christar workers to plant a church in a region that’s considered a gateway to this least-reached area. This fellowship began operating independently in 2015. Now, through a cooperative effort known as the Anatolian Christian Community, believers from this missions-minded fellowship, along with several other partnering fellowships, are seeking to plant churches in places where none exist and be a conduit of the gospel among the many refugees in the area. Christar workers have an opportunity to partner with them in this effort.

Gifts to the Anatolian Christian Community enable local believers to reach out to refugees in the community and allow some of these believers to serve in full-time ministry. Donations to this project will also be used by like-minded locally run fellowships to open and support ministry centers in least-reached cities, which will allow this network of believers to more effectively organize and expand their church-planting efforts.

Participate by Praying for the Anatolian Christian Community:

  • Lift up the members of the Anatolian Christian Community, asking God to give them wisdom as they seek to plant churches and reach out to refugees.
  • Pray that God will use this group of believers as a powerful witness in a place where very few people have heard the gospel.
  • Ask God to provide the funds needed so this community can provide aid to refugees and plant churches.

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