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We exist because entire people groups still have NO ACCESS to the transforming love of God.

Earthquake Relief

In the wake of the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Türkiye and Syria, Christar is partnering with national churches, enabling them to demonstrate God’s love by providing shelter and basic necessities.

One hundred percent of your gift to the Relief and Refugees Fund will be used to provide timely relief and resources in response to this and other similar needs.

We exist because entire people groups still have NO ACCESS to the transforming love of God.

BOUNDARIES and WALLS prevent people from hearing and worshiping,

Learn about those He is engaging
with truth:

See where He is using His people to
impact communities:

Christar workers PARTICIPATE by planting churches in these
LEAST-REACHED communities, where He is yet to be worshiped.

Making an Impact Across an Ocean: Teammates Through Prayer

After just a year, Christar workers saw a church form in a North African community that hadn't had one in a millennium. How did it happen?



By Learning

Discover how God has used His people to transform communities around the world with life-changing hope.
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By Sending

We partner with churches.
Churches send workers.

How Can My Church Send?

By Going

Workers GO to bring the Gospel in new ways to new places.


Not Just Kind Words:

Prayer has REAL IMPACT.

Every Christar worker has a prayer team of at least one hundred people who have committed to pray daily for them, their ministry, and the people they serve. Will you join us in praying for Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Refugees and the Deaf, as well as the Christar teams working among them?

God is CREATING ACCESS and transforming lives.

You can PARTICIPATE right now

Your gifts empower Christar Workers to share transforming hope with communities around the world.