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Metro International School

The Metro International School, set up under the East-West Educational Foundation, was founded in 2002 by a Christar worker who saw the need to provide Bible-based education to the children of cross-cultural workers serving in South Asia. Accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), the Metro International School pairs a strong academic emphasis with a foundation of Christian values. A biblical worldview permeates all of the school’s courses, and the curriculum seeks not only to expand students’ knowledge but to develop their character and ethical reasoning skills.

The mission of the Metro International School is to provide affordable Christian education that equips national and international students with the knowledge, skills and character to pursue both a postsecondary education and their full potential. Its vision is to see students and graduates become servant leaders who will purposefully and positively influence the world.

The aims of the Metro International School include:

  • To support the Ebenezer School, a community school serving local underprivileged and low-income families.
  • To provide an affordable education option for families doing Christian work in the area. The funds it raises for its financial aid program and teacher sponsorships help to keep costs down for these families.

Ebenezer School

The Ebenezer School grew out of a popular Sunday school program in the same community as the Metro International School. It now serves over 200 students from low-income households, from nursery-age through fifth grade. For over a decade, the Metro International School has supported the Ebenezer School financially and through assistance including teacher training, ESL support, technology, administrative support and fundraising.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, this vulnerable population served by the Ebenezer School faces serious risks of educational poverty. The Metro International School is seeking to raise funds to purchase approximately 100 digital devices ($700 each) for the students of Ebenezer Community School to reduce disruptions to their learning and effectively lessen the prominent digital divide that exists in this area of South Asia.

Additionally, the Metro International School is seeking to provide financial assistance to nine teachers serving at the Ebenezer School. Giving these teachers $3,500 per year helps them remain in their roles and serve needy children in the community. 

To support the Ebenezer School, please write “Ebenezer” in the comment box when making an online donation.

Financial Aid Program

The Metro International School’s extensive financial aid program allows families to access international standard education, enabling them to serve in least-reached communities without sacrificing the quality of their children’s schooling during their formative years. The school seeks to raise $100,000 annually, which provides scholarships for 40 children of Christian workers. In addition to contributing 10% of this amount through its operations and raising funds through school events and projects, the Metro International School relies on the donations of many around the world to enable it to offer scholarships. 

To give toward the financial aid program, please write “Financial Aid” in the comment box when making an online donation.

Teacher Sponsorships

All of the teachers at the Metro International School—national and international alike—come with a heart to serve students. The salaries the school provides are in line with those paid by local international schools in the city. They are sufficient only to cover living expenses in South Asia and are insufficient for supporting families or for saving for the future and investing in their ongoing development. 

To help all of its teachers grow in their roles and provide for them beyond the basic costs of living, the school seeks to provide sponsorships of $10,000 annually for each educator. These additional funds make staying at the school long term more feasible for teachers, in turn benefitting students as they develop ongoing connections with faculty. To give toward teacher sponsorships, please write “Teacher Support” in the comment box when making an online donation.

Participate by Praying for the Metro International School:

  • Ask God to provide qualified, committed Christian teachers to instruct, lead and disciple students, and pray for wisdom for the faculty as they serve.
  • Pray that students who are searching for the truth will find what they seek in Christ.
  • Pray that the school will be the salt and light in its community.
  • Pray that students will grow into servant leaders.
  • Ask the Lord to provide the funds needed to continue to provide scholarships for the children of Christian workers and sponsorships for teachers.

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