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UNLOCK ~ Tutoring a Child of Workers: Middle East

Do you have experience or training to accommodate the learning needs of a young teen who has ADHD and possibly dyslexia? Come alongside the son of workers on the field to help him tackle educational challenges.

Who? This family serves among Muslims.

What? Provide crucial support for a 13-year-old student as he completes assignments for his self-directed curriculum (Accelerated Christian Education). Improve his learning experience through extracurricular activities, and serve the whole family by providing care for him and his two siblings (ages 10 and 7) once or twice a week so the parents can attend ministry events or go out for a date.

When? This is an immediate need that continues through the school year until June 24, 2023.

Where? Middle East

Why? Educating a child with learning difficulties in his or her home culture is challenging. Meeting the same student’s unique needs overseas requires even more intentionality and dedication. As a tutor, you can provide the key to unlock potential for this student now and for the future. Once schoolwork for the week is finished, there could also be a day available to be involved in local ministries among the least-reached.

How? This is an opportunity to experience and gain insight into one of the real challenges of family life on the field while specifically investing in one student’s pursuit of learning success.

Cost? $11,160 for eight months including one-time expenses

Desired Skills and Qualities:

  • Loves the Lord
  • Loves kids
  • Has a passion to see God's Word be shared
  • Servant-hearted
  • Patient
  • Kind
  • Able to motivate
  • Creative
  • Independent but helpful
  • Desires to explore new places
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