Cultivating Christ-honoring transformation …

Open Doors in the Face of Obstacles 

The land in which Augustine once walked and studied is now almost completely unreached by the message of Christ. More than 99 percent of the population is Muslim and doesn’t have access to a church that preaches the gospel in their language and worships in a culturally relevant way. This place is home to over 11 million least-reached people, including nine people groups no one is currently seeking to reach with the good news. Many don’t have any Scripture in their heart language, while others have just a portion of the Bible. And, although workers are seeking to plant churches, very few are serving among the peoples living outside the coastal cities.


Restrictions on evangelism present a serious challenge to the spread of the gospel, and those who accept Christ often face harassment, discrimination and persecution from local and national authorities, as well as their families and communities. Embracing the gospel is an incredibly costly choice.

Over 11 Million

least-reached people

9 unengaged

people groups 

Very few 

with the Bible in their language

Despite these obstacles, God is building His Church in the Land of Augustine! We praise God that many people—especially young people—are becoming dissatisfied with Islam and thirsting for the truth. Home fellowships and Bible studies have been established, and Muslim-background believers are growing in their faith and seeking to reach others with the gospel.


Christians have open doors to enter communities through roles in areas such as business, technology and aid work. Christar teams are already partnering with several local and expatriate churches to establish fellowships, encourage, disciple and train believers, and cultivate Christ-honoring transformation through means including education and sports. By God’s grace, through these efforts, many churches will be planted in communities where none now exist. 







Your Opportunity

  • Pray
  • Go
  • Ask God to raise up more of His followers to cultivate Christ-honoring transformation in the Land of Augustine. 


  • Pray for unity among local believers and others seeking to plant churches.


  • Pray that many fellowships will be established in communities with no culturally relevant gospel witness. 

You can be a part of what God is doing in this least-reached land! Christar is seeking new workers to help plant churches in communities where many have never met a follower of Christ, using their gifts and skills in numerous areas including education, business, sports and fitness.

As followers of Christ, we have a treasure in God and His kingdom. The good news is that this treasure is not limited to certain places or people. It is for all peoples — from every language, people group and nation. At Christar, it is our joy to communicate the unsurpassed value of this treasure by serving the needs of others through our lives, professions, skills and words.


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