Short-term Opportunity

Illumination: Far East

See what He’s doing around you.
See what He’s doing in you.
See what He’s doing through you.

Service [Week 1]

Teach English in two English summer camps in a village.

  • Serve sacrificially, loving the least among these; most of the students are left-behind children.
  • Build relationships with students as well as co-teachers.
  • Listen closely to what God is teaching through this experience.

Evangelism [Week 2]

Spend time with the participant’s local co-teachers from the English summer camp, learning more about the area and the culture.

  • Build relationships with their co-teachers.
  • Demonstrate Christ’s love.
  • Engage in spiritual conversations that engage, affirm, and challenge their co-teachers to consider who Jesus is.

Discovery [Week 3]

Minister with long-term workers in another region, prayer walking, learning about their specific ministry, and engaging with locals there.

  • Gain a vision for what God is doing amongst the nations.
  • Engage spiritually in that specific area (i.e. prayer, etc.)

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Recommendation from church leader: A church leader who knows the participant well must describe how they have participated in church life and demonstrated spiritual maturity.

Be in good health: Participants must have no serious physical, mental, or emotional health issues. The areas that Illumination will be hosted in are challenging physically and spiritually. Participants need to evaluate themselves appropriately.

Native English speaker: A major portion of this program is centered on teaching English. Participants need to have mastery of this language.

Minimum 18 years of age

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Other Details

Cost: $1900 (estimated)
Airfare                                                                                          $800 (estimated)
In-country costs (housing, food, transportation, etc.)       $900
Passport                                                                                       $145 (if needed)
Visa                                                                                               $140 (if needed)
Vaccinations                                                                                If needed
This is only a rough estimate of costs; costs will fluctuate depending on the specific situation of the participant.

Approximate Dates: Last week of June through July
Application closes 4/17/20. Space is very limited.

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