Short-term Opportunity

3 Week Field Exposure to the Middle East

Come and spend 24 days with experienced long-term workers as they are actively involved in ministry to people groups that have endured much suffering and persecution over many years. You will have the opportunity to make new friends that have had little access to the gospel and see what outreach and ministry look like to different refugee populations. There will be opportunities to visit evangelical churches and see international ministries, make connections with local people and share the Gospel in culturally appropriate ways, and see historical, biblical, and geographical sites in the Middle East. Not only will you be able to help with ESL outreach to the locals, but you’ll also have the opportunity to learn and practice the local language and pick up keywords and phrases yourself.

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While this is a short-term trip, the teams’ ultimate goal is to launch independent teams of long-term workers where there is currently no evangelical witness. If this is something that sounds like you would be interested in, please find out more information by reaching out to us through this form.