Refugee Ministry

Sharing Christ’s love and gospel with displaced people has proven to be one of Christar’s most fruitful areas of ministry. Refugees pushed out of their homes by political strife, war, ethnic conflict, terrorism and disasters are in need of all kinds of help, and all kinds of servants.

Christar workers in the United States help new arrivals to begin their lives in this country–finding doctors and filling out documents, getting around strange cities and systems. These workers are building relationships, helping with language learning, hearing the remarkable stories of refugee families and sharing with them the good news about Jesus Christ.

Christar workers on other fields may start or lead relief organizations, or may liaison with governments and relief agencies to help refugees get the tangible aid they need. Many are working with local churches in countries where refugees are pouring in, helping the church to meet the tidal wave of need.

Do you have a heart for displaced people? Almost any skill can be put to use, if you are willing to learn and ready to listen.

Contact us at [email protected] or fill out a Preliminary Information Form (PIF) to start the conversation about putting your skills to work in Christ’s service.