Life Resources Foundation

Founded by Christar workers in 2002, the Life Resources Foundation (LRF) equips Filipino believers to plant churches in their own country and beyond. Its three-year residential program prepares students with a strong biblical education and ministry training.

The LRF also trains its students to meet needs in least-reached communities by teaching practical skills in areas such as health care, education and agriculture. Skills like these enable them to enter and minister in places where the gospel isn’t yet known. For example, a team of graduates was accepted into a Muslim community when they brought clean water. During their time of ministry there, 14 people came to Christ. Those 14 have grown into two home churches with 50 believers in all!

In 2015, the Life Resources Foundation began to offer stand-alone courses for local believers and satellite training at nearby churches. These programs allow the LRF to equip even more Filipino believers for ministry in least-reached communities. In addition the LRF also provides further training, counselling and member care for its alumni and other Filipino missionaries at its retreat house.

Since its founding, the LRF has trained dozens of Filipino church planters, including several Muslim-background believers.

Pray for the Life Resources Foundation:

  • Ask God to bring more believers to the Life Resources Foundation so that they can be equipped for ministry.
  • Pray that newly equipped church planters will be welcomed into least-reached communities.
  • Lift up LRF graduates serving in areas that are resistant to the gospel, and ask God to work through them.
  • Pray that many least-reached people will embrace the good news they hear from LRF graduates.
  • Praise God for using graduates to establish churches in least-reached communities.

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