Why Christar

Manarah: Learning From Experience

Manarah, Christar’s summer program on Islam and sharing the gospel with Muslims, begins July 3! Participants learn everything from Muslim beliefs and practices to basic Arabic to ways to share the gospel. But, the most valuable thing participants gain through this training isn’t knowledge—it’s experience.

Interacting With Muslims

Manarah blends intensive, interactive classroom learning with daily outreach opportunities. Christar worker Rick, who helps to coordinate this training program, says that the opportunity to engage with Muslims on a day-to-day basis is one of the aspects of Manarah that excites him the most. Since this program takes place in an area with a large Muslim population, participants are able to practice what they learn. They get practical experience, not only in a classroom, but in real-life situations alongside workers with decades of experience in sharing the gospel with Muslims.

Rick explains that this practice is the biggest advantage to Manarah’s experiential learning style. “Students have the opportunity to experiment with approaches and gospel material in a ‘laboratory’-like environment in which practice is reviewed and evaluated.” This allows them to refine their approach and gain confidence in using it.

Interacting With Fellow Students

Outreach opportunities aren’t the only part of Manarah that’s interactive. Each morning, participants hear from workers who’ve served in Muslim communities. But, this time in the classroom isn’t reserved for lectures. Rick explains that students have “time to think about and discuss history, apologetics, theology and approaches to gospel ministry in the context of a group of people who all have the same questions, aspirations and concerns.”

Through Manarah’s unique curriculum, students gain an understanding of the history and beliefs of Islam, as well as the cultural factors that can make it difficult for Westerners to effectively share the gospel with them. Students learn how the concepts of honor and shame shape the Muslim worldview, and how to present biblical truth in a way that resonates within this worldview.

Preparing for Ministry

Following Manarah, many students are able to immediately use what they’ve learned. Shortly after one couple returned home, their Muslim friend “just happened” to come across a Bible. He asked them to explain a story he’d read—the very story that was used in Manarah to teach biblical storytelling! Thanks to the training they’d just completed, they were equipped to share, and they saw their friend take steps toward the gospel.

For many participants, Manarah is preparation not only for sharing the gospel with Muslims in their neighborhoods, but also for ministering overseas. But, whether they’re heading overseas or just across the street, Manarah participants go with the experience that equips them to make Jesus known.

How can I get involved?


  • Lift up participants in Manarah, asking God to give them health and strength as they complete intensive study.
  • Ask God to give students open doors to talk about spiritual truth with Muslims.
  • Pray that participants will be free from anxiety as they share the gospel with Muslims.


Are you interested in learning more about Islam and discovering how to share Jesus with Muslims? Consider attending Manarah next summer!