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Arab Woman Today Ministries: Equipping Women in the Muslim-majority World

Over 250 million people in the Middle East and North Africa are without an opportunity to hear the gospel in a culturally relevant way.1 In a place where believers are few and far between, where can Christian women be trained for ministry? And how can the least-reached learn what the gospel is all about?

Reaching Women’s Hearts

Arab Woman Today Ministries (AWT), a Christar ministry based in the Middle East, is reaching women in 22 Arabic-speaking countries. This ministry seeks to see women reconciled with God, self and society–and God is using it in profound ways.

Lila* was one of the first women to complete AWT’s two-year discipleship program. She shares how the training she has received has equipped her for ministry among refugees:

Each conference and workshop I attended with you touched different areas of my life. One workshop worked on how I look at myself and my value in Christ. It was an awesome insight to my inner soul. Lots of things changed in my life and the way I deal with people.

What AWT built in me continues today with the refugees I serve. I now have the experience, knowledge and manner to reach the heart of each woman and young lady, besides [those of] other backgrounds I am dealing with. I am now able to understand each lady and how the war hurt, marginalized and destroyed the feelings, heart and soul of each one of them. I became able to share the love of Christ that changes and heals.

You haven’t worked on the life of one individual only. You have worked on my life and through you I could work on the life of many sisters.


Since 1999, AWT has been reaching women throughout the Arabic-speaking world. What began as a radio broadcast has grown into a creative family of ministries that God is using to equip believing women for service and to address issues faced by women of all faiths. These ministries include:

  • Radio: Weekly radio broadcasts deal with relevant topics, like forced marriage. One listener wrote, “I am one of the girls who suffered from this issue [forced marriage]. This episode gave me the courage to speak up and share my feelings and concerns directly with the man who proposed. He understood my concerns and stepped back.”
  • Television: In 2014, AWT began producing television programs designed to empower and equip women with leadership skills and to develop their spiritual lives. These programs address topics such as goal setting, conflict resolution and time management, and give viewers the opportunity to provide feedback as well as to connect personally with believers.
  • Online ministry: Through a website and social media, women have the opportunity to learn and interact with believers, regardless of their location. One woman wrote, “Your website is one of a kind … I can find in it all that I need for my spiritual life and my life as a mother. I’ve started to check it on a daily basis.”
  • Community contact: AWT invests in women of all faiths and backgrounds, offering training in self-defense and abuse prevention, as well as seminars on topics such as health, depression and anger. A monthly community gathering builds bridges between religious groups as it addresses topics relevant to all women.
  • Developing Christian Leaders: AWT equips believing women for leadership in their churches. Their intense discipleship program guides women face to face over a two-year period, helping them delve into their identity in Christ and find healing so that they can help others. Christian women leaders from multiple countries also connect through annual networking conferences. The 2014 conference addressed “A Balanced Life,” focusing on the value of taking time for spiritual, physical, emotional and professional refreshment.
  • Serving Refugees: AWT shares its offices and resources with the Arab Center for Consulting and Training Services (ACCTS), a nonprofit humanitarian organization officially recognized by the refugee relief arm of the United Nations. AWT works under ACCTS and collaborates with them to serve refugees from war-torn areas of the Middle East.

We praise God for the ways He is working in and through the lives of Arabic-speaking women. You can be a part of this transformational work! Please consider investing in Arab Woman Today Ministries by praying or giving.

How can I get involved?


  • Pray that the ministries of Arab Woman Today would continue to bear fruit in the lives of Arab women.
  • Pray that God would supply the funds needed to enable AWT and ACCTS to pay off the short-term loan on the administration and training facility they share, so that  they can put more of their resources toward their important work.


Your gift to Arab Woman Today will help least-reached women throughout the Arab world hear the gospel, as well as equip believing women for ministry.