Lunar New Year: 15 Days, 15 Ways to Pray

The 15 days of Lunar New Year, also known as Chinese New Year or Spring Festival, provide many opportunities for workers to interact with Buddhists in their communities, as well as opportunities for local believers to share the gospel with family and friends. In addition, hundreds of millions of people will travel in East Asia during this holiday period, opening doors for many to share—or hear about—Jesus.

Numerous traditions and beliefs are associated with each day of Lunar New Year, and each can serve as a unique prompt to pray. Below you’ll find one tradition or belief for each day and a related prayer request.

Day 1: Many people set off fireworks to scare away evil spirits. Pray that they will come to know the One who can deliver from evil.

Day 2: Married women visit their parents and birth families. Pray for Chinese believers who will be visiting unsaved family members.

Day 3: Today is considered the day of the god of blazing wrath, and it’s thought to be unlucky to visit friends and family. Rejoice that through Christ, the Chinese—and all people—can be delivered from God’s wrath.

Day 4: Many families welcome the kitchen god and other gods. Pray that they will welcome workers sharing the love of the one true God!

Day 5: Today is considered the birthday of the god of wealth. Pray that many will embrace Jesus, the source of true, eternal wealth.

Day 6: Traditions include sending away the ghost of poverty. Pray for individuals counting the cost of following Christ, asking that they’ll count everything a loss compared to the riches of knowing Christ.

Day 7: Today is considered the birthday of all people, the day that man was created. Pray that many Chinese will become new creations in Christ.

Day 8: Today is considered the eve of the birthday of the Jade Emperor and many hold family dinners. Pray that more Chinese families will come to Christ.

Day 9: Today is considered the birthday of the Jade Emperor/Ruler of Heaven. Pray that more Chinese will know the true King of Heaven.

Day 10: Today is considered the birthday of the god of stone. Ask God to soften the hearts of many in China!

Day 11: Many fathers-in-law entertain their sons-in-law today. Pray that faith in Christ will spread through extended families in China.

Day 12: Today is a relatively quiet day, though many invite friends and family to their homes. Pray that believers will have courage to share the gospel with family and friends.

Day 13: To some today is an ominous day; to others, it’s a day of celebration. Pray that more Chinese will be able to celebrate the joy found only in the Lord!

Day 14: Preparations are made for the Lantern Festival. Ask God to prepare the hearts of many to accept the gospel.

Day 15: The Lantern Festival is celebrated today. Pray that the light of Christ will permeate many more hearts in China.

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