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Blessing isn’t meant to be merely received. Rather, God gives it in His grace so that we in turn can be a blessing to others.

We invite you to share the blessing you have received by being involved in projects in least-reached communities that meet tangible needs and share the transformative hope of Christ.

Global English Project

In 2015, Christar workers in the Middle East opened an English school not only to teach a language that many in the area wanted to learn, but also to share the gospel with a people group that’s nearly 100% Muslim. The school now serves over 500 students with year-round classes, providing opportunities to build relationships with least-reached people. These relationships sometimes lead to Bible studies and, by God’s grace, will result in fellowships of believers worshiping together.

Your gift will enable these workers to build relationships with students who have never heard of Christ’s love. Learn more about the Global English Project!

  • $25 – New books for the student library
  • $50 – School supplies such as paper, pens, printer ink, etc.
  • $300 – Emergency power banks for classrooms
  • $1,000 – New laptops for teachers

The Lighthouse of Friendship

Although France is often thought of as a historically Christian nation, today it’s home to a rapidly growing Muslim population. Many are first-generation immigrants, and few have heard the gospel.

Through a wide variety of creative outreaches, Christar workers at the Lighthouse of Friendship meet needs in the community while connecting with people in need of Christ. Programs such as language and sewing classes, cooking and craft activities, ladies’ folk dance nights and care fairs, sports activities, game nights and kids’ Bible clubs give both workers and local believers opportunities to build relationships and share the gospel with those who have few opportunities to hear it.

Your gift to the Lighthouse of Friendship will enable least-reached people in France to hear the gospel and experience the love of Christ! Learn more about The Lighthouse of Friendship

  • $12 – One French/Arabic Bible
  • $30 – One worship/music book
  • $150 – Six months of sewing classes for one woman
  • $300 – One week of operating expenses

Timothy Project

Turkish believers have access to few materials that teach them to study and apply God’s Word in culturally relevant ways. Through the Timothy Project, a group of talented Turkish writers and graphic designers is producing interactive discipleship lessons that prompt groups of believers to discuss how to live out Christian truth within their unique contexts. These studies, available on smartphone apps, a project website and as printable PDFs, equip Turkish followers of Christ to grow in their faith and help others grow as well.

Over 200 lessons have been created so far! Your gift will help Turkish followers of Christ learn to apply biblical truth. Learn more about the Timothy Project!

  • $20 – Project website server for one month
  • $150 – Production of one video lesson
  • $600 – One-month stipend for local project coordinator

Iraqi Refugee Outreach

God is bringing refugees from least-reached communities to places where they can hear the gospel! The Iraqi Refugee Outreach project supports several Christar church-planting teams in the United States that are reaching out to Arabic-speaking refugees from Muslim, Yazidi, Christian and Sabean backgrounds.

These teams seek to address refugees’ spiritual and tangible needs while inspiring local Christians to get involved in ministry to the least-reached people in their communities. They need funding for English classes, children’s Bible clubs, Arabic outreach materials, Arabic church services and transporting children to and from outreach events.

Your gift will help bring the hope of Christ to refugee families! Learn more about the Iraqi Refugee Outreach project!

  • $5 – A toy for the Bible club "store"
  • $10 – Snacks for Bible club for one week
  • $25 – Bibles and books in Middle Eastern languages
  • $50 – 100 miles of driving lessons for refugees
  • $100 – Christmas food and gifts for the Arabic church

Life Resources Foundation

Since 2002, the Life Resources Foundation (LRF) has equipped Filipino believers to plant churches in their own country and beyond. Its three-year residential program prepares students with a strong biblical education and ministry training. The LRF also empowers students to meet needs in least-reached communities through training in health care, education and agriculture.

In addition, the LRF provides further training, counselling and member care for its alumni and other Filipino workers at its retreat house. And, through its annual summer camp, it mobilizes new workers from local churches to serve among the least-reached.

Your gift will train Filipino believers for church-planting ministry! Learn more about the Life Resources Foundation!

  • $12 – Food for one student for one week
  • $40 – Books for one student for one quarter
  • $80 – Support for one local teacher for one week
  • $400 – Support for one staff family for one month

The Arab Center for Consulting and Training Services

Founded in 2012 by a Christar worker, the Arab Center for Consulting and Training Services (ACCTS) aims to support those devastated by poverty and marginalization. The ACCTS seeks to empower refugees and other vulnerable people through vocational, educational and social integration programs. One branch of ACCTS is Arab Woman Today, which focuses on equipping women through media, resources and training. 

Your gift will empower women to make a difference in their lives and in society! 

Learn more about the The Arab Center for Consulting and Training Services!

  • $25 – Freelance writer's time to create one resource
  • $50 – One session with licensed counselor
  • $100 – Production of video resource for use online
  • $300 – Six-session life-growth program for one woman

The Deaf Initiative

Just 2% of the 70 million Deaf worldwide have been introduced to Jesus! Many are separated from the larger Hearing society around them and have even fewer opportunities to learn of the good news.

But God is raising up workers uniquely equipped to communicate the hope of Jesus among these least-reached people: Deaf believers! Through the Deaf Initiative, Christar is mobilizing them to serve among those who have been cut off from the gospel. By developing a resource designed to give Deaf followers of Christ a vision for reaching the least-reached Deaf and sending two short-term teams of Deaf believers to get a taste of ministry among the Persian Deaf, Christar is laying the foundation for long-term ministry among the Deaf.

Learn more about the The Deaf Initiative!

  • $30 – Rental of training facility for Deaf short-termers
  • $300 – Travel of Deaf mobilizer to visit one Deaf church
  • $350 – Translation of one course lesson into American Sign Language
  • $700 – Video production of one course lesson
  • $1,000 – Round-trip flight to the Middle East for one Deaf short-termer

Battered Women's Center

In 2017, Christar workers opened the Battered Women’s Center to help victims of abuse and their children find shelter from their situations and learn of Christ’s love. Staff provide emotional, spiritual and practical assistance specific to each woman’s situation, as well as temporary shelter and a 24-hour emergency line that gives victims a place to turn for help. Women who visit the center receive a New Testament in their language and hear a clear presentation of the gospel. They’re also invited to participate in Bible seminars and are offered training in preventing future abuse, as well as in life and job skills.

Your gift will provide help and hope to victims of abuse. Learn more about the Battered Women's Center!

  • $10 – 50 single-use face masks
  • $25 – Bible in the local language
  • $25 – Weekly food package for one person
  • $150 – Personal Bible study library for a believing woman

Persian Outreach Project

Persians are coming to Christ at an unprecedented rate! But the vast majority of these people still lack access to the gospel. 

Through the Persian Outreach Project, Christar workers are sharing the good news of Jesus with Persian migrants, refugees and tourists. This includes reaching the Persian Deaf—a group with just a dozen believers among a population of hundreds of thousands. In cooperation with Christar’s Deaf Initiative, this project is hosting short-term teams that will lay a foundation for long-term ministry among these least-reached people. 

Your gift will help introduce the Persian Deaf to the gospel! Learn more about the Persian Outreach Project!

  • $10 – Training materials for one short-term worker
  • $30 – Facility rental for outreach event
  • $60 – Refreshments for outreach event for 20 people

Cleft of the Rock Ministry Center

Cross-cultural ministry in Muslim communities can be an incredibly challenging task. The Cleft of the Rock Ministry Center helps those serving in especially difficult areas to avoid burnout and to remain and thrive on the field. Located in the mountains of the Middle East, this retreat center provides a safe place for workers and local believers to experience restoration. Each year it serves approximately 3,000 people through counseling, cultural orientation, team building and personal retreats.

In addition, Cleft of the Rock’s new equine ministry allows guests to care for and ride horses as therapy. This program also helps those living with disabilities better manage physical and mental challenges while addressing deep spiritual needs.

Learn more about the Cleft of the Rock!

  • $50 – One-night retreat for a single worker
  • $100 – One-night retreat for a worker family
  • $700 – One-night conference for up to 50 people
  • $5,000 – Horse for the equine therapy program

CHL Women’s Bible School

Very few of South Asia’s people know Jesus, and far fewer are equipped to minister among the least-reached. The CHL Women’s Bible School prepares South Asian Christian women to serve. Through a two-year residential program with classes on theology, doctrine, personal Bible study, discipleship and evangelism, these women are equipped to minister effectively in their churches, homes and communities. Students are also trained in personal discipline, tailoring and gardening, and have the option to learn computer skills.

The school charges students, most of whom come from impoverished backgrounds, only 10% of the actual cost of room, board and tuition. Your gift makes it possible for them to be trained for ministry in one of the least-reached regions of the world.

Learn more about the CHL Women's Bible School!

  • $75 – Staff salaries for one week
  • $100 – Sewing machine, given to each graduate

Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary

Since 1991, Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary (JETS) has worked to prepare spiritual leaders from Arabic-speaking countries for ministry. It offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees, as well as a Doctor of Ministry degree.

JETS graduates serve as church planters, pastors, teachers, writers, evangelists, worship leaders and women’s ministry leaders. God has used them to bring many to faith in Christ and to plant churches in challenging places.

Your gift equips Christian leaders to serve in Arab communities! Learn more about the Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary!

  • $45 – Month of internet access for student studying at home
  • $50 – Semester's worth of textbooks for one student
  • $100 – Bible study software for one student
  • $170 – A monthly breakfast for students